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A D U L T   T A L E N T

From our long-limbed Fashion Models to our 'Real People' types as well as Lifestyle actors and models.  We represent a wide range and select group of amazing teen, adult and retirement age models, actors, actresses, musicians, and theater actors. With our talent of all shapes and sizes...  all types of backgrounds and ethnic groups, we are able to provide excellent choices for all types of casting directors, advertisers, ad agencies and commercial photo studios who wish to book our talent.



Some have started their careers with us at retirement age and others we have watched grow up in the talent industry. We are always on the look out for teens, Men and Women in all age groups, sizes, and shapes.   All ethnic groups.  Whether you are a seasoned theater actor, actress, model or starting out....  if you want to be considred for representation for TV, Film, Commercials, Print work, Tradeshows, Extra casting, commercial print, retail print or other advertising work.  We are currently seeking all ages of teens and adults.  Both men and women.  All ethnic groups, including Caucasion, African American, Asian, Indian, Ethnically ambiguous, and Hispanic.   Contact us!

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